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Scrabble- Shanan vs. Jeremy (Christmas, 1984)421984USAFrom Christmas. Great video...audio a little low
Scrabble- Kimberly vs. Jason (1984)1631984USAEpisode from Teen Week. Good quality
Scrabble- First Game is Gold vs. John (1988)1631988USAGreat quality! $5,000 Sprint Win!
Scrabble- Vanessa vs. Jack (N) (1984)2011984NBCPremiere with the bank format. With Commercials and Good quality
Scrabble- Tournament of Champions Finale (N) (1985)2011985USAGreat Quality. $49,500 win
Scrabble- Charlene vs. Ron; Jeanette vs. Don (N) (1988)2011988USAGreat Quality. Last second $10,000 win
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