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Sale of the Century- Premiere of the Winner's Board (1984)521984
Sale of the Century- Monty vs. Shelia vs. David (1984)2001984Video Quality is Good, audio is a little wonky, but still very watchable
Sale of the Century- Kurt vs. Cher vs. Darrell (N) (1989)2001989Excellent Quality. Darrell retires with $79,348 - 3rd to last episode
Sale of the Century- Rita vs. Phillip vs. Linda (1985)2001985Excellent Quality. Begins with a promo for the Sale and Scrabble Tournament of Champions that occurred the following week
Sale of the Century- Walt vs. Victoria vs. Frank (Syn) (1985)2021985USAExcellent Quality! Frank refuses to buy the 3rd instant bargain because it doesn't have chairs. Frank later appears on Millionaire in 2007.
Sale of the Century- Skip vs. Elaine vs. Curtis (1986)2031986USAGreat quality. Partial episode where Curtis wins $50,000
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