Game Show Episode Catalog

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Rating and Cataloging System

Program Media Number Copyright Year Network Fee Plugs Notes
Richard Dawson's Family Feud- Knott vs. Metoyer (N) (1985) Tape 54Y 1985 GSN X  
Program = name of the show episode with information to identify the episode after the name
(N) = Network Program
(Syn) = Syndicated Program
(1985) = Year or Date the program originally aired.
(SEG) = Only a segment of the program exists in our vault.
Media Number = the tape or DVD number the episode is located on in my collection. Please include this in your request.
Copyright Year = the year the program shows as it's copyright near the end of the program.
Network = the network from which I recorded the program
Fee Plugs = indicated whether or not a program has fee plugs
X = full fee plugs (no split screen during plugs, but may occur during credits)
S = fee plugs are present, but experience a split screen at least part of the time
Notes = contains any quirks, special aspects, etc. of the episode. Everything about the episode is not always listed, but I can review an episode if you have any questions about it.

Network Codes

Gameshow- From Game Show Network (Pre 3/15/04 - unless otherwise noted, partial-credit split screens and speedups CAN be expected)
GSN = From GSN (after 3/15/04) - Many of these shows I have cut the credits to since they are so small they are illegible and since they aren't even shown in many cases!
NBC = Network Program originally recorded from NBC/NBC Affiliate
CBS = Network Program originally recorded from CBS/CBS Affiliate
ABC = Network Program originally recorded from ABC/ABC Affiliate
FOX = Network Program originally recorded from FOX/FOX Affiliate
PAX = Network Program originally recorded from PAX/PAX Affiliate or from ION network

WSAV = local NBC affiliate
WTGS = local FOX affiliate
WTOC = local CBS affiliate
WJCL = local ABC affiliate
WGSA = local CW/former UPN affiliate
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There are 6,915 Episodes in the catalog!