Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will take effect on the following date: January 1, 2003.

Game Show Favorites is committed to online privacy and identity protection of our visitors. This privacy policy is intended to let all of our visitors know what information we collect about you and how we use it. If you have any questions, please e-mail us using the link above.

Section I: Advertising

We use external internet advertising companies to serve our advertisements on the web. The company we are currently partnered with is Google, using Google Analytics. These ads may contain cookies.

Section II: Cookie Use

Game Show Favorites will store session cookies on your computer to allow us to customize the site for you. Our ad companies may also use cookies when the advertisements are served; information possibly collected from those cookies is received by our advertisment company and is not seen by us. We have no access to that information. Our online surveys also use cookies to keep the same users from voting multiple times in a poll.

Section III: External Links

On Game Show Favorites, we have included many links to external websites, showcasing various other television shows and related topics. We are not responsible for websites that are not under the domain. Please refer to the privacy policies of the various external websites and visit them at your own risk.

Section IV: Message Boards and Chat Rooms

Game Show Favorites provides both a message board service and a chat room service for the benefit of our users. Our message boards are heavily moderated and viewed by moderators and administrators several times a day to ensure appropriate, on topic discussion. Any message that contains vulgar or inappropriate language or gestures will be deleted without notice. Also, the Game Show Favorites message board administrators, moderators, and webmaster reserve the right to delete, move, or modify any post in any way without notice. Please exercise caution when posting information as it becomes publically viewable. By posting on our boards, you agree that Game Show Favorites will not be held liable for any damages to your person or property.

We also provide on site chat rooms which are only opened during scheduled chats with at least one moderator present. The same privacy statement for our message boards also applies for the chat rooms.

Section V: IP Address Collection

Your IP and host name is collected through our online tracking software, Google Analytics. We only use the information provided by the company to track our visitors' site viewing statistics and our general viewer demographics. We do not collect any information about your person.

Section VI: Mailing List

Our site utilizes an online mailing list through Bravenet. The only information Game Show Favorites collects for the mailing list is your name and e-mail address. The mailing list is completely optional and voluntary. We only use the list to announce site updates, major television related news, and site downtime. We will NOT use our mailing list to SPAM our users' e-mail boxes. You can unsubscribe from our list at any time by sending a request to us through email at the link above stating your intent to unsubscribe and we will remove your name and e-mail address from our records on the next update.

Section VII: Children's Privacy

Game Show Favorites are committed to online privacy and protection of children. To help protect children on our website, we do not knowingly allow children to post personal information on our message boards and chat rooms. All of our internal links will be free of inappropriate material unsuitable for children. All external links at the time of their addition to our sites are appropriate for all ages. Should an external link become inappropriate, we will remove it as soon as possible.

Game Show Favorites cannot be held responsible for damages to person or property sustained. View our site and other sites at your own risk.

Section VIII: Additions and modifications to our Privacy Policy

All additions and modifications to this privacy policy will be posted on this page and will take effect thirty (30) days from the time of their posting. Visitors to our sites will be responsible for periodically checking for privacy policy updates and for understanding our privacy policy. If you do not understand our policy or have any question, you may e-mail us at the link above with your questions and a staff member will answer them as soon as possible. Viewing and use of this website and its services constitutes acceptance of this privacy policy.