These Match Game Episode Guides were originally found at Brian Connoy's website.  Due to the (hopefully temporary) closure of the site, we have posted the episode guides here as an archive because we'd hate to see this wonderful resource lost forever.  The content of the site will remain close to the same, but due to unavailability of some pictures and information, we have changed the HTML and format somewhat.

The (60's) Match Game
Existing Episodes

- Kinescope copy located at the Library of Congress (nine episodes) info provided by Stephen Salchli
MTR - Episode exists at the Museum of Television and Radio (one episode) info provided by Brad Jaufmann
T - Episode exists in the trading circuit. (three episodes)





1.) Pilot 1962 LC / T Peggy Cass, Peter Lind Hayes
2.) 1/2/63 LC Arlene Francis, Skitch Henderson
3.) 6/24/63 LC Florence Henderson, Henry Morgan
4.) 8/20/63 LC Faye Emerson, Henry Morgan
5.) 11/21/63 LC BW, Shelley Berman
6.) 1 ep. week of 1/20/64 T Henry Morgan, Bennett Cerf, Robert Q. Lewis, Joan Fontaine, Peggy Cass, BW
7.) 7/28/64 LC / T Jayne Mansfield, Orson Bean
8.) 5/19/65 LC Lauren Bacall, Roger Smith
9.) 6/2/65 LC Joe Garagiola, Whitey Ford
10.) 9/23/65 LC Jayne Meadows, Sydney Chaplin
11.) 1 ep. week of 6/16/69 MTR Peggy Cass, Tony Randall

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