These Match Game Episode Guides were originally found at Brian Connoy's website.  Due to the (hopefully temporary) closure of the site, we have posted the episode guides here as an archive because we'd hate to see this wonderful resource lost forever.  The content of the site will remain close to the same, but due to unavailability of some pictures and information, we have changed the HTML and format somewhat.

Match Game Syndicated
Season 3 (1981-1982)

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Episode #


1.) 351-355 Richard Paul, BS, DM, Holly Hallstrom, MS, EJ
2.) 356-360 Fred Travalena, BS, Fred Grandy, Mary Ann Mobley, MS, JB
3.) 361-365 Bart Braverman, BS, Richard Deacon, Connie Stevens, MS, DS
4.) 366-370 Joe Santos, BS, DM, Eva Gabor, MS, EJ
5.) 371-375 David Doyle, BS, CNR, Edie McClurg, Paul Williams, JB
6.) 376-380 Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Lilibet Stern, Bill Cullen, EJ
7.) 381-385 Robert Donner, PDA, CNR, Betty Kennedy, MS, JB
8.) 386-390 Bill Anderson, BS, CNR, Jonelle Allen, BD, PDA
9.) 391-395 George Kennedy, BS, CNR, Barbara Rhoades, BD, BW
10.) 396-400 Bernie Kopell, BS, CNR, Marjorie Wallace, Scoey Mitchlll, Edie McClurg
11.) 401-405 Fred Travalena, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwether, MS, FF
12.) 406-410 Robert Pine, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, MS, FF
13.) 411-415 Tom Kennedy, BS, CNR, Gail Farrell, MS, JB
14.) 416-420 Robert Donner, BS, CNR, Lilibet Stern, MS, Edie McClurg
15.) 421-425 David Doyle, BS, CNR, Holly Hallstrom, MS, BW
16.) 426-430 Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Eva Gabor, MS, MW
17.) 431-435 Bill Daily, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, MS, EJ
18.) 436-440 Conrad Janis, BS, Paul Williams, Edie McClurg, MS, DS
19.) 441-445 Richard Paul, BS, DM, Sharon Farrell, MS, BW
20.) 446-450 David Doyle, BS, BD, Sydney Goldsmith, MS, JB
21.) 451-455 Robert Donner, BS, CNR, Melody Thomas, MS, MW
22.) 456-460 Ted Lange, BS, CNR, Audrey Landers, MS, Edie McClurg
23.) 461-465 BD, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, MS, BW
24.) 466-470 George Gobel, BS, CNR, Stephanie Edwards, MS, EJ
25.) 471-475 Fred Grandy, BS, CNR, Leslie Easterbrook, MS, FF
26.) 476-480 Willie Tyler & Lester, BS, CNR, Lynn Redgrave, MS, MW
27.) 481-485 Bill Cullen, BS, CNR, Sharon Farrell, MS, Edie McClurg
28.) 486-490 Skip Stephenson, BS, CNR, Irlene Mandrell, MS, FF
29.) 491-495 Marty Cohen, BS, CNR, DS, MS, Edie McClurg
30.) 496-500 Scoey Mitchlll, BS, CNR, EJ, MS, BW
31.) 501-505 Fred Travalena, BS, CNR, Monique Van Vooren, MS, JB
32.) 506-510 Bill Anderson, BS, CNR, Irlene Mandrell, MS, FF
33.) 511-515 BD, BS, CNR, Jenilee Harrison, MS, Edie McClurg
34.) 516-520 Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Abby Dalton, MS, MW
35.) 521-525 Skip Stephenson, BS, CNR, Melinda O. Fee, MS, BW (taped 1/15)

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