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Match Game Syndicated
Season 2 (1980-1981)

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Key Episodes:
#256 Gene Bursts through the Door
#302 Charles gives Gene a paper cut, and McLean takes over as host for one question



1.) 176-180 GB, BS, CNR, Holly Hallstrom, DM, JB
2.) 181-185 George Kennedy, BS, CNR, EJ, DM, BW (taped 5/11)
3.) 186-190 Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Connie Stevens, Bart Braverman, DS
4.) 191-195 David Doyle, BS, CNR, Betty Kennedy, Robert Donner, MW
5.) 196-200 Gary Collins, BS, CNR, Susan Richardson, Richard Paul, JB
6.) 201-205 Alan Oppenheimer, BS, CNR, Laurie Walters, DM, BW
7.) 206-210 Fred Grandy, BS, CNR, Phyllis Diller, BD, DS
8.) 211-215 Robert Walden, BS, CNR, Judy Landers, BD, MW
9.) 216-220 David Doyle, BS, CNR, Rita Moreno, Gary Crosby, JB
10.) 221-225 Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Eva Gabor, DM, BW
11.) 226-230 Richard Kiel, BS, CNR, Mary Ann Mobley, Paul Williams, MW
12.) 231-235 Scoey Mitchlll, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, BD, DS
13.) 236-240 Peter Marshall, BS, DM, EJ, Bill Cullen, BW
14.) 241-245 Richard Deacon, BS, Fred Grandy, Louise Sorel, BD, JB
15.) 246-250 Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Jonelle Allen, Allen Ludden, BW
16.) 251-255 Charles Siebert, BS, CNR, Phyllis Davis, Robert Donner, MW
17.) 256-260 Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Paul, FF
18.) 261-265 Fred Travelena, BS, CNR, Betty Kennedy, Robert Donner, FF
19.) 266-270 Don Galloway, BS, CNR, Holly Hallstrom, Bart Braverman, FF
20.) 271-275 Jon Bauman, BS, CNR, Eva Gabor, Arte Johnson, JB
21.) 276-280 George Kennedy, BS, CNR, EJ, DM, BW
22.) 281-285 David Doyle, BS, CNR, Susan Howard, GB, MW
23.) 286-290 Fred Grandy, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, Bart Braverman, Mary Wickes
24.) 291-295 Robert Donner, BS, CNR, Marjorie Wallace, BD, MW
25.) 296-300 Richard Paul, BS, CNR, Jo Ann Pflug, BD, JB
26.) 301-305 Bill Anderson, BS, CNR, Jonelle Allen, MS, DS (10/31)
27.) 306-310 Fred Travalena, BS, CNR, EJ, DM, DS
28.) 311-315 Don Sutton, BS, CNR, Phyllis Davis, Bart Braverman, MW
29.) 316-320 Ted Lange, BS, CNR, Susan Richardson, Robert Donner, JB
30.) 321-325 Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, BD, DS
31.) 326-330 Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Diana Soviero, BD, BW
32.) 331-335 Fred Grandy, BS, CNR, Marjorie Wallace, Gary Crosby, FF
33.) 336-340 George Kennedy, Betty Kennedy, CNR, Phyllis Diller, MS, FF (12/26)
34.) 341-345 Brian Patrick Clarke, Jack Klugman, CNR, EJ, Robert Donner, MW (12/27)
35.) 346-350 Bart Braverman, BW, CNR, JB, BD, MW (12/28)

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