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Match Game PM
Season 4

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The first season with the new set and the Star Wheel.
Key Episodes:
#121 Richard Dawson's Last Match Game PM @ Match Game Mania

Episode #


1.) 118 BD, BS, CNR, Bonnie Franklin, RD, MW
2.) 119 Avery Schreiber, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, FF
3.) 120 Richard Paul, BS, CNR, Jo Ann Harris, RD, BW
4.) 121 DM, BS, CNR, Lorrie Mahaffey, RD, JB
5.) 122 Richard Deacon, BS, CNR, PDA, Bob Barker, FF
6.) 123 Robert Mandan, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwether, Richard Paul, BW
7.) 124 GB, BS, CNR, Loni Anderson, MS, MW
8.) 125 Tab Hunter, BS, CNR, Marilu Henner, DM, FF
9.) 126 David Doyle, BS, CNR, Debralee Scott, NR, BW
10.) 127 Ed Asner, BS, CNR, Valerie Bertinelli, NR, PDA
11.) 128 Greg Morris, BS, CNR, Barbara Rhoades, BD, FF
12.) 129 Bill Anderson, BS, CNR, Donna Pescow, Jack Klugman, BW
13.) 130 Robert Walden, BS, CNR, Loretta Swit, Richard Paul, Mary Wickes (taped 9/23)
14.) 131 David Doyle, BS, CNR, EJ, Raymond Burr, JB
15.) 132 NR, BS, CNR, Judy Landers, GB, BW
16.) 133 Robert Pine, BS, CNR, Loni Anderson, Bob Barker, PD
17.) 134 Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Erica Hope, Arte Johnson, FF
18.) 135 Jon Bauman, BS, CNR, Nancy Lane, Don Sutton, BW
19.) 136 Guich Koock, BS, CNR, Mabel King, Ken Olfson, MW
20.) 137 Joe Santos, BS, CNR, Carol Jones, DM, FF
21.) 138 David Doyle, BS, CNR, Connie Stevens, Jack Jones, BW
22.) 139 Robert Walden, BS, CNR, Audrey Landers, Bert Convy, PDA (11/19)
23.) 140 NR, BS, CNR, Dolly Martin, DM, PD
24.) 141 Robert Pine, BS, CNR, Susan Richardson, Richard Deacon, FF
25.) 142 Jon Bauman, BS, CNR, Brianne Leary, Bob Barker, JB
26.) 143 Avery Schreiber, BS, CNR, EJ, GB, FF (1978)
27.) 144 Joe Santos, BS, CNR, Lorrie Mahaffey, BD, MW (1979)
28.) 145 Bart Braverman, BS, CNR, Barbara Rhoades, DM, FF
29.) 146 Guich Koock, BS, CNR, DS, Paul Williams, BW
30.) 147 Daryl Anderson, BS, CNR, Donna Pescow, Richard Paul, PD
31.) 148 David Doyle, BS, CNR, Loretta Swit, Scoey Mitchlll, FF
32.) 149 Foster Brooks, BS, CNR, Lorna Patterson, DM, BW
33.) 150 NR, BS, CNR, Loni Anderson, Jack Jones, JB
34.) 151 Kukla & Ollie, BS, CNR, Eva Gabor, Arte Johnson, FF
35.) 152 Don Galloway, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwether, BD, PD (2/24)
36.) 153 Fred Grandy, BS, CNR, Connie Stevens, Bill Cullen, MW (2/25)
37.) 154 Orson Bean, BS, DM, Brianne Leary, BD, FF (3/10)
38.) 155 Bart Braverman, BS, GB, EJ, BD, MW (3/11)
39.) 156 Joe Santos, BS, CNR, EJ, DM, MW (5/12) A

A The episode does not have a corresponding daytime panel.

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