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Match Game PM
Season 1

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Note: The episode numbers for some of the shows in this season are off by one due to the fact I don't know where episode B belongs.
*Sub-Announcer: Bern Bennet
Key Episodes:
#7 The Burns and Cuts Fiasco Note: GSN has skipped this episode several times.
#17 The Admiral Color TV Debacle

Episode #


1.) 1 Clifton Davis, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, JB (taped 7/13/75) A
2.) 2 Clifton Davis, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwether, RD, BW (7/13) A
3.) 3 William Shatner, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwether, RD, JB (7/13) A
4.) 4 Bill Macy, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, BW (7/13)
5.) 5 Orson Bean, BS, CNR, Lynda Day George, RD, PD A
6.) 6 Orson Bean, BS, CNR, Sarah Kennedy, RD, MW A
7.) 7 Avery Schreiber, BS, CNR, Joan Collins, RD, PD A
8.) 8 Avery Schreiber, BS, CNR, Sarah Kennedy, RD, MW A
9.) 9 Sheldon Leonard, BS, CNR, Dr. Joyce Brothers, RD, FF A
10.) 10 GB, BS, CNR, Madlyn Rhue, RD, BW A
11.) 11 BD, BS, CNR, Kate Jackson, RD, BW A
12.) (12) GB, BS, CNR, Adrienne Barbeau, RD, FF A, B
13.) 13 Bob Barker, BS, CNR, Arlene Francis, RD, FF
14.) 14 Sheldon Leonard, BS, CNR, Louisa Moritz, RD, FF
15.) 15 Scoey Mitchlll, BS, CNR, PDA, RD, PD (9/20)
16.) 16 Orson Bean, BS, CNR, Mary Ann Mobley, RD, PD
17.) 17 Dick Gautier, BS, CNR, Melinda O. Fee, RD, BW
18.) 18 William Shatner, BS, CNR, Julie Harris, RD, FF (10/19)
19.) 19 *Joe Silver, BS, CNR, Esther Rolle, RD, FF
20.) 20 Clifton Davis, BS, CNR, Rona Barrett, RD, BW
21.) 21 Edward Asner, BS, CNR, Julie London, RD, FF
22.) 22 GB, BS, CNR, Pat Crowley, RD, JB
23.) 23 DM, BS, CNR, Jody Donovan, RD, FF
24.) 24 Marvin Hamlisch, BS, CNR, Isabel Sanford, RD, BW
25.) 25 Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, EJ, RD, MW
26.) 26 BD, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwether, RD, FF
27.) 27 Scoey Mitchlll, BS, CNR, Bonnie Franklin, RD, PD
28.) 28 Edward Asner, BS, GB, Marcia Rodd, RD, BW (1/10/76)
29.) 29 GB, BS, CNR, Susan Howard, RD, FF
30.) 30 Joey Bishop, BS, CNR, Arlene Francis, RD, JB
31.) 31 Jimmie Walker, BS, CNR, Kate Jackson, RD, PD
32.) 32 Avery Schreiber, BS, CNR, Jo Ann Pflug, RD, FF
33.) 33 George Kennedy, BS, CNR, Lee Meriwether, RD, BW
34.) 34 Clifton Davis, BS, CNR, PDA, RD, JB
35.) 35 Bill Anderson, BS, CNR, Bonnie Franklin, RD, FF
36.) 36 Scoey Mitchlll, BS, CNR, Susan Howard, RD, FF
37.) 37 Orson Bean, BS, CNR, Pat Delany, RD, BW
38.) 38 Bill Cullen, BS, CNR, Janice Pennington, RD, FF
39.) 39 Joey Bishop, BS, CNR, Janice Lynde, RD, PD

A The episode does not have a corresponding daytime panel.
B This episode aired 11/11/1975 in Minneapolis and was rerun in the Summer. I am not sure of its exact place, so I placed it after the final episode in which the panel does not correspond to a daytime panel (12).

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