These Match Game Episode Guides were originally found at Brian Connoy's website.  Due to the (hopefully temporary) closure of the site, we have posted the episode guides here as an archive because we'd hate to see this wonderful resource lost forever.  The content of the site will remain close to the same, but due to unavailability of some pictures and information, we have changed the HTML and format somewhat.

Match Game 1990

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1.) Jul 16-20 Joe Alaskey, Ilene Graff, CNR, Sally Struthers, Chris Lemmon, Daphne Maxwell-Reid
2.) 23-27 Jonathan Prince, BW, CNR, VL, Joe Alaskey, Deborah Harmon
3.) 30-Aug 3 Ronn Lucas, Edie McClurg, CNR, Gloria Loring, Bill Kirchenbauer, Jacklyn Zeman
4.) 6-10 Brad Garrett, MW, CNR, Khrystyne Haje, Ronn Lucas, Robin Strasser
5.) 13-17 Bob Sarlotte, Mary Wickes, CNR, Dana Fleming, Jimmie Walker, Jo Anne Worley
6.) 20-24 Fred Travalena, BS, CNR, Sally Struthers, Vince Champ, Shannon Tweed
7.) 27-31 Jonathan Prince, Edie McClurg, CNR, Khrystyne Haje, Ronn Lucas, Paula McClure
8.) Sep 3-7 Bruce Baum, MW, CNR, Jo Anne Worley, Richard Kline, Shelley Taylor-Morgan
9.) 10-14 Bill Kirchenbauer, BS, CNR, VL, Ronn Lucas, Deborah Tranelli
10.) 17-21 Fred Travalena, Dolly Martin, CNR, Sally Struthers, Richard Simmons, Pam Stone
11.) 24-28 Brad Garrett, Shelley Taylor-Morgan, CNR, Phyllis Diller, Ronn Lucas, Dana Fleming
12.) Oct 1-5 John Byner, Edie McClurg, CNR, Nancy Stafford, Ronn Lucas, Susan Norfleet
13.) 8-12 Bill Kirchenbauer, MW, CNR, Gloria Loring, JM J. Bullock, Anne-Marie Johnson
14.) 15-19 Fred Travalena, Beverly Garland, CNR, Sally Struthers, Ronn Lucas, Susan Norfleet
15.) 22-26 Brad Garrett, Robin Strasser, CNR, VL, Joe Alaskey, Carol Susskind
16.) 29-Nov 2 Walt Willey, BS, CNR, VL, Ronn Lucas, Jill Larson
17.) 5-9 Fred Travalena, BW, CNR, Shelley Taylor-Morgan, Perry Stephen, Lauren-Marie Taylor
18.) 12-16 Bruce Baum, Karen Witter, CNR, Jo Anne Worley, Ronn Lucas, Fiona Hutchinson
19.) 19-23 Bill Kirchenbauer, Edie McClurg, CNR, Pam Stone, Stuart Damon, Lynn Herring
20.) 26-30 Fred Travalena, Dolly Martin, CNR, Khrystyne Haje, Roger E. Mosley, MW
21.) Dec 3-7 Brad Garrett, Dana Fleming, CNR, VL, Richard Simmons, Lisa Canning
22.) 10-14 Bill Kirchenbauer, Meredith MacRae, CNR, Sally Struthers, Tom Villard, Rebeca Arthur
23.) 17-21 Jimmie Walker, VL, CNR, Jo Anne Worley, Roger Behr, Jacklyn Zeman
24.) 24-28 Fred Travalena, Sally Struthers, Rip Taylor, Susan Norfleet, Tom Parks, MW
25.) 31 Bruce Baum, VL, Brad Garrett, Edie McClurg, Roger E. Mosley, Pat Musick